Kinloch’s Story

One of our many Mahogany Crotches!

To quote William Farquhar Payson from his 1926 book Mahogany Antique and Modern:   “Mahogany attains its most marvelous figure type in the ‘flame’ or ‘crotch’ or ‘curl’. It is created by the struggle of the twisting fibers for self determination where the trunk divides into the first great branches of the tree. Crotch has always been used to obtain the most decorative effect.”

Our collection of mahogany crotch or flame lumber started as a way to provide Kinloch Woodworking with a steady supply of amazing mahogany lumber. The collection includes wide boards (over 36″) and thick boards (3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″) – lumber that hasn’t been available for decades. Inlcuded in our barn is figured mahogany from Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. We collected the best mahogany lumber – plain, figured and crotch. And we collected way too much.

So now we are selling off some of the collection for you to use in your project; or even better, let us make our lumber into amazing furniture for you!


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