Why a Kinloch coffee table when anyone can take a piece of wood and put legs on it?

Our coffee tables are not cheap. The pictures table is $4,800. We know our customers have lots of options with their money. So our work must be special. Not an I want, but an I gotta have. To us, that means special on many levels. 

The wood must be enchanting. At Kinloch, that means going to our wood barn and pulling a board from our library of amazing boards. For the pictured table, a single board of highly figured solid crotch mahogany.

Kinoch has the finest crotch mahogany in the world. Well, the only crotch mahogany collection – over 300 boards. Google it. Our sister website will come up. Old growth, salvaged years ago from what was left after slicing veneer. Our last purchase was in 2004. 

The finish on the top is coat after coat of oil. It takes a couple of weeks to build us a good durable finish. But the finish is clear and the grain of the wood just jumps. Other finishes are faster, but nowhere near as beautiful and clear. If you get a scratch, a little wax makes it disappear.

The single board coffee table has been made for years by some really famous woodworkers: Nakashima, Maloof, and Esherick. We wanted our own design. 

Angled end columns ebonized with a twisted metal stretcher. The ebonized base sets off the rare top, The twisted metal channels some primordial power strong enough to twist steel.

All this description may seems like marketing gibberish to some, but to those who get it, come visit us! If this table isn’t the shape or size you desire, we can sort through our 300 board collection until we find your board.