It turned into an obsession..

It turned into an obsession: such amazing wood, I’ll just buy a little more…

For years I bought all the crotch mahogany I could find and I was pretty good at finding the wood! Wax the ends, knots and wildest crotch figures, put on sticks, band and then put them in the barn for safekeeping. All the boards have been air dried inside at least 17 years.. some 30 years!

We have used the crotches in some amazing furniture – just take a look at the Furniture We Have Made page – a 36″ Pie Crust Tea Table, a New England Desk, a 4 Drawer Shell Chest, and many very cool coffee tables.

You can buy your own board and make your special project or you can pick out your board and we will turn it into your very own custom Kinloch creation.

Feedback is that our customers were finding it difficult to mill our amazing boards. Not everyone has a 52″ planer sander. So now our boards are even more desirable because they are planed and sanded to 60 grit. Woodworking just got easier and a lot more fun!

Please stop by and visit our shop and our showroom in Unionville, PA.

By the way, I do have the elusive satinwood crotch veneer and 6″ x 6″ fiddleback mahogany bedposts, but I am not parting with those unless we make them into furniture!

(Picture:  Doug with daughter Jessie and faithful dog MacGregor holding one of Kinloch’s magnificent solid mahogany crotches – years have passed, the faithful dog is now much greyer and my daughter Jessie is now in college.  We still have lots of amazing boards!!)